Uttara Kannada DC Savors Indira Canteen’s Breakfast Delights

 Uttara Kannada DC Savors Indira Canteen’s Breakfast Delights
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Karwar, Dec 09, 2023: In a surprise visit to the Indira Canteen located on Karwar’s KEB road today, Deputy Commissioner Gangu Bai Manakar not only enjoyed a wholesome breakfast but also lauded the establishment for its commitment to providing quality and affordable food to the public.

During her visit, the Deputy Commissioner emphasized the importance of maintaining cleanliness and ensuring the taste of the food remains a top priority in the canteen. She directed officials to utilize provided machinery, including fridges, systematically and to offer clean drinking water through designated machines.

Encouraging the public to leverage the Indira Canteen service, which aims to provide low-cost meals and snacks, she highlighted the government’s initiative to offer clean and tasty food at affordable prices. Deputy Commissioner Manakar urged canteen staff to strictly adhere to the daily menu and ensure efficient distribution to customers.

Indira Canteen offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, with breakfast priced at Rs 5 and lunch at Rs 10. Deputy Commissioner personally sampled the masala rice prepared in the canteen, expressing her appreciation for its delicious taste.

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