Mangaluru International Airport offers good passenger load for airlines

 Mangaluru International Airport offers good passenger load for airlines

A general view of the arrival hall of Mangaluru International Airport.

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A general view of the arrival hall of Mangaluru International Airport.

Mangaluru, September 23, 2023: Airlines operating out of Mangaluru International Airport on both domestic and international routes are experiencing robust passenger loads. Analysis of arrival data for the first five months of the current fiscal year reveals that IndiGo and Air India achieved an impressive passenger load of 87.5% on the domestic routes they directly serve. Similarly, Air India Express and IndiGo achieved load factors of 81.7% on international routes.

Against a seating capacity of 321554 on flights landing at Mangaluru from Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pune, IndiGo and Air India among them ferried 280739 passengers, load factor of 87.5%. Arrivals from Mumbai saw the highest load factor of 91.5% with 112973 passengers travelling against seating capacity of 123836. Pune had the least load factor of 69% with 11078 travelers against 16062 seats on offer.

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For domestic flights departing from Mangaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad were almost on an even keel recording passenger loads of 89.91% and 89.66% respectively. A total of 10520 passengers emplaned for Chennai against 11700 seats on offer, while Hyderabad saw 21370 passengers travel against 23836 seats for the taking. Mumbai was a close third with load factor of 87.3% (108695 travelling against 123836 seats on offer).

On the international sector, the airlines recorded passenger load of 81.7% for 110823 passengers arrived from Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dammam, Doha, Dubai, Kuwait, and Muscat between April to August. The seats on offer for these destinations in these five months were 135626. The departure load factor for the above destinations from Mangaluru was 83.3% with 112930 passengers travelling against capacity of 135449.

Arrivals from Dubai to Mangaluru saw airlines ferry 67538 passengers against capacity of 76841, passenger load of 88.26%. Abu Dhabi was the next busiest with arriving passenger load of 85.65% (13,414 travelers against 15660 capacity). Abu Dhabi emerged the most sought-after international destination from Mangaluru clocking load factor of 90.12% with 14276 passengers travelling against 15840 seats that were on offer.

In August, a total of 166047 passengers travelled – both domestically and abroad. The arrival load factor to the 13 destinations was 83% with 79377 passengers travelling against 96837 seats on offer. Departures saw load factor of 90% with 86670 passengers emplaning against 96837 seats on offer. With additional domestic flights scheduled in upcoming winter schedule, more people are expected to travel to and from Mangaluru.

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