Dakshina Kannada Officials Gear Up to Combat Dengue and Nipah Virus Threats

 Dakshina Kannada Officials Gear Up to Combat Dengue and Nipah Virus Threats
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Mangaluru, September 15, 2023: In a proactive move, Deputy Commissioner Mullai Muhilan directed the health and local authorities to conduct comprehensive health awareness campaigns regarding the identification and treatment of dengue, Nipah virus, and other communicable diseases in the district.

Chairing a meeting focused on dengue control at his office, the DC emphasized that dengue control holds an equal priority alongside malaria control in the district. Dengue, transmitted by the Aedes mosquito, necessitates targeted measures.

Local bodies were advised to implement appropriate regulations for Aedes mosquito control in accordance with Epidemic Diseases/CrPC Act provisions.

With continuous rainfall in the district over the past week, there is a heightened risk of stagnant rainwater becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Therefore, authorities were instructed to promptly identify and issue notices to control mosquito breeding in affected areas.

The DC underscored the importance of district-level WhatsApp groups and local bodies in the fight against dengue. He stressed the need for a strategic plan encompassing larvalicide spraying, pinpointing problematic areas, and ensuring larval eradication upon identifying a dengue case. Special attention was urged for larval fumigation in educational institutions and hostels.

To safeguard schools and residences, the identification of mosquito breeding sites was deemed crucial. He proposed innovative approaches to educate children about dengue prevention, including the installation of mosquito repellent mesh on windows for a lasting solution.

The DC emphasized that all health personnel, including ASHA workers, should receive comprehensive training from medical officers on Nipah virus symptoms for effective public awareness. Additionally, coordination with the forest department to track fruit bat presence was advised. He called for the seamless operation of District Wenlock Hospital and medical colleges, urging the establishment of dedicated isolation wards and ensuring well-stocked medicines in primary health centers and community health centers.

Reiterating a message of reassurance, Muhilan urged caution around bats near residences and advocated for the consumption of washed fruits. He urged immediate medical attention for individuals experiencing fever symptoms.

Zilla Panchayat Chief Executive Officer Dr. Anand K emphasized the need for hostel facilities’ fundamental amenities. Agencies were tasked with compiling a daily list of suspected dengue cases.

He urged medical officers to convene weekly meetings and take proactive steps in the battle against dengue.

Additionally, officials were urged to ensure regular checks for pipeline integrity, repairs, and water tank cleaning in urban areas, with prompt reporting to the district administration.

The meeting was attended by ADC Dr. Santhosh Kumar, Commissioner of Mangaluru City Corporation Anand C.L., Probationary Officer Mukul Jain, In-charge District Health and Family Welfare Officer and District Mental Health Programme Nodal Officer Dr. Sudarshan CM and other officials were present.

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