Vedavyas Kamath Condemns State Government’s Stance on National Education Policy

 Vedavyas Kamath Condemns State Government’s Stance on National Education Policy
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Mangaluru, Aug 20, 2023: In response to recent statements made by the Chief Minister and the Education Minister of the state, Mangalore City South MLA D Vedavyas Kamath has criticized their declaration that the National Education Policy (NEP) will not be implemented in the region.

Kamath expressed deep concern over this decision, labeling it as a threat to the federal structure of the country and a potential detriment to the future of the citizens.

Highlighting the significance of the NEP, Kamath emphasized that the policy was introduced by the Central Government with the intent to enhance the education system across the nation. He pointed out that the NEP had already been adopted during the previous BJP regime, a move that was the outcome of careful consideration involving multiple education experts. Kamath cautioned that the state government’s choice to discard the policy might lead to adverse repercussions within the education domain.

“Education must symbolize progress, unmarred by political maneuvering. Regrettably, Karnataka’s position appears to oppose reform. It is unjust to jeopardize the prospects of our youth for political gains,” Kamath stated in a press statement.

Drawing a historical parallel, Kamath elucidated that the education system in India had evolved beyond the colonial-era British model to align with contemporary needs. However, he lamented that the Congress party seemed to be tethered to antiquated viewpoints, striving to retain an outdated system of education. The MLA contended that annulling the NEP would signify a betrayal of the younger generation’s aspirations.

Demanding resolute action, Kamath vehemently urged that the NEP should not be abandoned under any circumstances. He underscored the need for a comprehensive educational framework that adapts to contemporary needs, safeguarding the aspirations of the younger generation.

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