Mangaluru International Airport Achieves Milestone in Energy Efficiency, Embracing Net Zero Goal

 Mangaluru International Airport Achieves Milestone in Energy Efficiency, Embracing Net Zero Goal
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  • Change over helps airport save 1.88-lakh kWH/annum. In all, 1111 conventional lights replaced with LED
  • Move will help reduce 148.9 tonnes of CO2 per annum
  • Controlled lighting, timers for street lighting too part of savings measure

Mangaluru, June 03, 2023: On the eve of World Environment Day, Mangaluru International Airport celebrates a significant achievement in its pursuit of the Net Zero goal. The airport has successfully completed the phased transition from conventional lights to an energy-efficient lighting system, replacing a total of 1111 lights with state-of-the-art LED lights across its various functional areas.

By embracing this transformation, the airport is poised to save a remarkable 188,558.96 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per annum. Notably, the National Air Traffic Services (NATS) building area alone will witness a staggering saving of 1.17-lakh kWh per annum through the utilization of 752 LED lights. Additionally, the New Integrated Terminal Building will contribute to the savings by conserving 56,467 kWh per annum with 261 LED lights, while the airside, old terminal building, and NATS area will collectively save 14,673 kWh per annum through the replacement of 98 conventional lights with LED lights.

Beyond the immediate energy savings, this transition will lead to a reduction of approximately 148.962 tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum, including an impressive 92.761 tonnes of CO2 in the NATS area alone. Recognized as a primary driver of global climate change, CO2 emissions are a critical environmental concern. In the previous fiscal year 2021-22, the airport had already converted 948 conventional lights to LED, resulting in a reduction of 137 tonnes of CO2 emissions. With the replacement of the remaining 163 lights, the airport is furthering its commitment to environmental protection.

In line with its dedication to energy efficiency, the airport has implemented a controlled lighting system that enables lights to be switched off when not required. The use of timers ensures that streetlights are illuminated only during specified hours. Additionally, the airport has adopted a proactive approach to turn off lights in unoccupied office spaces, minimizing unnecessary energy consumption.

“The airport’s proactive measures align with the government’s vision to achieve the Net Zero goal by 2070,” stated the airport spokesperson. By embracing sustainable practices, Mangaluru International Airport is making significant contributions to environmental preservation while setting an example for other institutions to follow.

As the airport continues its commitment to a greener future, this achievement underscores its dedication to sustainable development and reinforces its position as a leader in the aviation industry’s environmental stewardship.

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