Culinary Brilliance Takes Center Stage at IPSSM’s ‘Chef’s Choice’ Event

 Culinary Brilliance Takes Center Stage at IPSSM’s ‘Chef’s Choice’ Event
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Mangaluru, May 24, 2023: The Institute of Port, Shipping and Supplychain Management (IPSSM) of Srinivas University recently hosted Cooking Without Competition- ‘Chef’s Choice’, where students had the opportunity to showcase their culinary prowess.

Under the guidance of Dr. Sonia Delrose Noronha, Dean of IPSSM, participants from the BBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management as well as BBA Port, Shipping Management and Logistics programs unleashed their creativity in the kitchen.

The IPSSM campus transformed into a gastronomic haven as students adorned their Chef Caps and put their skills to the test in the thrilling ‘Chef’s Choice’ cooking contest. The dishes presented were not only a treat for the taste buds but also an aesthetic delight, with participants demonstrating their ability to present food in an artistic manner.

Judges Prof. Roopesh and Prof. Kaushik from the Institute of Hotel Management, Srinivas University, had the arduous task of evaluating the delicacies based on both nutrition and taste. They engaged with the students, eagerly discovering the ingredients and nutritional values of the dishes prepared. The participants’ efforts left the judges in awe, as the competition proved to be a formidable one.

A total of 15 teams passionately participated in the event, and after a fierce battle of culinary skills, Niranjana and her team from II BBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management emerged victorious, securing the first position. Finzar and his team, also from II BBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management, closely followed in second place. The third position was proudly claimed by Ramitha and her team from I BBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management Section B.

Beyond providing a platform for the students to unleash their creativity and hone their decision-making skills, this event served as an opportunity for them to explore their hidden talents and discover new areas of interest. Notably, the focus on hygiene and cleanliness was paramount throughout the session, with Prof. Nelson Pereira, the Head of IPSSM, actively participating and encouraging students to form teams for the event. Prof. Souparnika, Prof. Meghashree, and Prof. Bhavya Krishna Naik, the esteemed Course Coordinators, were also present, providing constant motivation and support to the students.

The event’s organization was flawlessly executed by Prof. Shwetha Bhat, the Cultural Coordinator, and Prof. Akshatha Sampson, the NSS Coordinator. Together, they ensured that the event was a resounding success, fostering a vibrant atmosphere of camaraderie and celebration.

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