Kateel’s Annual Festival: A Journey of Faith and Culture

 Kateel’s Annual Festival: A Journey of Faith and Culture
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Kateel, April 14, 2023: The annual festival in the temple town of Kateel has brought a wave of excitement and devotion amongst the locals. From Dhwajarohana to Golden Chariot Utsava, the festivities promise to be a treat for the devotees.

People from all corners of the region have started pouring in to witness the grand spectacle of spirituality and cultural heritage.

The highlight of the festival will be the Brahma Rathotsava, which is scheduled for April 20th. But before that, there are many more rituals and ceremonies to be performed.

The festivities kicked off with the Dhwajarohana in the morning and Uthsavabali at night. The highlight of the event will be the Brahma Rathotsava, which will take place on April 20th in the afternoon, followed by Utsavabali, Shribhoothabali, and Shayana at night.

Apart from this, the festival will witness several other religious ceremonies, such as Yugadi Deepada Bali, Moodusavari, Prathistavardhanti, Parva, Kavatodghatana, and Avabhrithotsava (Arata). The Golden Pallaki Utsava and Golden Chariot Utsava will be performed on all days during the festival.

The annual festival is not just a celebration of faith and devotion; it is also a time for people to come together, reconnect with their roots, and celebrate their cultural heritage.

Managing Committee Chairman and Heriditary trustee Sanathkumar Shetty Kodethurguthu, hereditary trustee Vasudeva Asranna, Shibarooru Krishnaraja Tantri, heriditoary archaks Lakshminarayana Asranna, Ananthapadmanabha Asranna, Kamaladeviprasada Asranna, and Sriharinarayanadasa Asranna were present.

It is a time to immerse oneself in the spiritual aura of the temple town of Kateel.

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