Mars Rover Manipal Team secures third place at International Rover Challenge 2023

 Mars Rover Manipal Team secures third place at International Rover Challenge 2023
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Manipal, Feb 20, 2023: The Mars Rover Manipal team has once again demonstrated its technical proficiency by securing third place in the prestigious International Rover Challenge 2023, held in Bengaluru from January 28th to 31st, 2023.

The competition, organized by the Space Robotics Society, brought together 36 teams from leading Indian and foreign universities, challenging them to develop and operate an astronaut-assistive next-gen Mars Rover and carry out specific missions in simulated Mars conditions.

The AGH University of Science and Technology from Poland came first, followed by VIT Vellore in second place. The Mars Rover Manipal team’s success is particularly noteworthy, as the students had to forego their vacation to prepare for the competition, sacrificing countless hours and sleepless nights to hone their skills.

Lt Gen (Dr.) M.D. Venkatesh, Vice Chancellor of MAHE, lauded the team’s achievement, emphasizing the students’ hard work and dedication.

“The competition was a rigorous challenge, with participation from prestigious universities from around the world. The fact that our students were able to secure the third position overall is truly commendable and reflects the high standards of education and training that we provide at MAHE. We congratulate the team on their exceptional performance and look forward to seeing more such achievements from them in the future,” he said.

The Mars Rover Manipal team’s leader, Yashash Rao, a third-year Aeronautical student at MIT-Manipal, expressed his gratitude for the team’s journey towards success.

“The journey towards success is never an easy one. It is one filled with countless challenges, sleepless nights, and tireless effort. However, it is precisely this journey that makes any achievement worth celebrating,” he said.

Cdr. Dr. Anil Rana, Director of MIT, Manipal, commended the Mars Rover Manipal team’s technical prowess, calling it a testament to their hard work and dedication.

Dr. Pragna Rao, Pro Vice Chancellor of MAHE, Bangalore, also congratulated the team and thanked the faculty mentors and the Bangalore team for their support.

The Mars Rover Manipal team’s accomplishment in the International Rover Challenge 2023 is a significant milestone in their journey towards success, demonstrating their commitment to innovation, creativity, and leadership skills. The team’s achievement highlights the high standards of education and training provided by MAHE and the dedication of its faculty mentors. The university community congratulates the team on their well-deserved success and looks forward to their future achievements in the field of space engineering.

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