Mangaluru International Airport introduces 2D barcode scanners to improve passenger movement

 Mangaluru International Airport introduces 2D barcode scanners to improve passenger movement
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A CISF personnel scans the barcoded ticket on the 2D barcode scanner at the departure entry of Mangaluru International Airport

Mangaluru, Feb 16, 2023: Mangaluru International Airport (MIA) has taken a step towards enhancing passenger experience by installing a 2D barcode reader at the entry gate of the New Integrated Terminal Building (NITB). The move aims to prioritize the convenience of passengers, right from the airport entry gate.

By scanning the barcodes on passenger tickets, CISF officers manning MIA’s terminal entry gates can prevent congestion during peak hours and the holiday season, saving an average of 20-25 seconds per passenger.

The new 2D barcode scanner also serves as an added security feature, preventing passengers from entering the terminal using fake or cancelled flight tickets. MIA has always prided itself in setting benchmarks in delivering best-in-class services at the airport, and this new addition is no exception.

With the aim to provide a memorable passenger experience by offering a high standard of comfort and convenience, MIA has been at the forefront of developing airport infrastructure, enhancing passenger handling capacity and creating robust process management.

MIA is committed to deploying the latest technology to allow free-flowing passenger movement. Passengers who use the web check-in feature prior to arrival at the airport can benefit from the expedited check-in process and avoid potential delays.

MIA’s dedication to comprehending passengers’ requirements for a hassle-free travel experience has earned it the moniker “Gateway To Goodness” as it continues to set new benchmarks for service excellence in the aviation industry.

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