Campco urges CM to support rubber, arecanut growers in budget

 Campco urges CM to support rubber, arecanut growers in budget
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Mangaluru, Feb 16, 2023: The Campco Ltd, has urged the Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai to help struggling rubber growers and areca growers in the state.

The Campco has asked the CM to declare support price for rubber in the upcoming state budget. The move comes as rubber growers in the state are facing distress due to a drop in rubber prices.

In addition to this, the Campco has also called on the Chief Minister to allocate Rs 10 crore to the Arecanut Research and Development Foundation (ARDF), to finance research aimed at finding a solution to the Yellow Leaf Disease and Lead Spot Disease that have been devastating rubber plantations.

Campco President, A Kishore Kumar Kodgi, expressed hope that the Chief Minister will act positively in response to their requests. In a press statement, Kodgi acknowledged that the Chief Minister had responded positively to their appeal.

The plea made by Campco has brought the concerns of the struggling rubber and arecanut growers to the forefront. It remains to be seen whether the requests made by the cooperative will be granted in the upcoming state budget.

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