CAMPCO Urges Prime Minister Modi to Tackle Illegal Arecanut Imports

 CAMPCO Urges Prime Minister Modi to Tackle Illegal Arecanut Imports
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Mangaluru, Feb 26, 2024 – The Central Arecanut and Cocoa Marketing and Processing Cooperative Limited (Campco) has once again addressed a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, expressing serious concerns about the persistent issue of illegal import and auction of seized Arecanut goods.

In the correspondence, Campco has highlighted the detrimental impact of these activities on the livelihoods of farmers and the overall integrity of the market. The letter, marked urgent, delineates key concerns that necessitate immediate attention.

Key Concerns Outlined by Campco:

  1. Minimum Import Price and Auction Floor Price: Campco has emphasized the crucial need to adhere to the minimum import price of Rs.351/- for seized Arecanut during auctions conducted by Customs, DRI, or any relevant agency. The cooperative had underscored the importance of maintaining fair trade practices to prevent market manipulation.
  2. Quality Testing of Seized Goods: Citing concerns about the origin of seized Arecanut goods, often imported from countries like Indonesia and Burma, Campco has proposed rigorous testing at accredited laboratories before auction. This precautionary measure aims to ensure compliance with FSSAI quality norms, addressing potential safety concerns for human consumption.
  3. Impact of Illegal Arecanut Imports on Farmers: Campco President, A Kishore Kumar Kodgi, has underscored the severe repercussions of illegal Arecanut imports on farmers, particularly in Karnataka. With over 17 districts out of 31 engaged in Arecanut cultivation, the collapse of the market due to illegal imports would significantly distress farmers.

Campco had urged Prime Minister Modi’s intervention to curb illegal Arecanut imports, framing it as a vital step to restore stability to the market and demonstrate a commendable effort to safeguard the interests of farmers.

The cooperative has emphasized that addressing this issue aligns with the Prime Minister’s commitment to the welfare of the farming community, resonating positively with his dedication to their well-being.

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