Parking system automated at Mangaluru International Airport

 Parking system automated at Mangaluru International Airport

The entry point to the airport has clearly demarcated lane for different types of vehicles.

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The entry point to the airport has clearly demarcated lane for different types of vehicles.

Mangaluru, Jan 20, 2023: In yet another passenger-centric move, Mangaluru International Airport (MIA) has initiated automated parking system.

Rolled out in a phased manner, the system is an integration of proven toll technologies. This will enhance safety and security for passengers and their vehicles while on the premises of this airport and ensure a seamless experience for the passengers.

The system allows vehicle users to generate ticket at the entrance using self-ticket dispensers. Users should scan this ticket at the exit toll booth, pay the prescribed parking fee, if applicable. The payment can be made digitally or in cash.

Meanwhile the stakeholders with airport issued RFID cards tap the card on the very same ticket dispenser and make their way to the designated parking lot. They should tap their card at the exit.

There are four lanes each at the entry and exit. Lane one at the entry is for cargo vehicles/buses, lane two and three is for private cars/motorcycles; and lane four is for taxi.

Parking pre-payment counter, key to the automation, is operational in front of the lower ground floor arrival area. Visitors arriving in car, may make the payment here and exit via the express lane within the allotted time by scanning the ticket.

At the exit, lane one is for cargo vehicles/private cars/buses, lane two is exclusively for motorcycles, lane three is the designated express lane (for those paying at parking pre-payment counter) and lane four is for taxi and private cars.  

Sources said that plans are afoot to introduce futuristic technology such as FASTag which will add to convenience of passengers/stakeholders in seamlessly entering and exiting the airport.

Signage affixed to the exit ramp guide users on the lane they need to use while exiting the airport.

The airport is in the process of covering the parking lots with CCTV cameras to ensure safety of vehicles. Additional CCTVs with advanced security features will also be installed at the entry and exit toll booths.

There are facilities such as EV charging station and eco-car wash at the lot.

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