MAHE: Web portal for organ, body and blood donation launched

 MAHE: Web portal for organ, body and blood donation launched
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Manipal, Dec 26, 2022: MAHE Vice Chancellor Lt Gen (Dr) MD Venkatesh launched the web portal for organ, body and blood donation on Dec 23. This web portal is linked to MAHE Edu website under the information tab. 

“This web portal will create an awareness about donation of organs, body and blood. It will certainly increase the number of donations which is the need of the hour. FAQs incorporated in the web portal are very much needed as they will address the queries which people might have while donating,” the Vice Chancellor said.

Many people are not aware how to donate organs and body. This web portal will give them an overview how to do that and why there is a need to donate. 

The web portal includes information about all the organs transplanted in hospitals under MAHE, about body donations in medical colleges under MAHE, registration forms which can be filled and upload it in the portal. FAQs regarding each donation is also available in the web portal. 

Coordinator of the web portal Dr. Chandni Gupta said the web portal will provide the users with the most relevant information about donating organs and body.

“As technology is advancing ,communication has become easier and people use gadgets a lot to enhance their knowledge. This portal can be easily accessed by anyone and is user friendly,” he added.

The website can be accessed by clicking

Home Page of the portal

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