Modernisation of Postal Department

 Modernisation of Postal Department
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New Delhi, Dec 07, 2022: The Postal Department under the Ministry of Communications has implemented ‘Information Technology (IT) Modernisation Project’ for digitisation and modernisation of Postal Department.

The details of the steps taken for digitization of the Postal Department are as under:

  1. All the 25,099 Departmental Post Offices have been computerized and networked. The Department has also modernized 1,29,854 Branch Post Offices in the rural areas of the country by providing Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) based hand held point of sale devices for providing postal and financial services. The Postal Circle wise (including all State and Union Territories (UTs)) number of Post Offices modernised is given in “Annexure -1″.
  2. A central server based integrated, modular and scalable solution for all the operations of Department of Posts including Banking, Insurance, Mails, Human Resources and Finance & Accounts has been provided. The Project also involved creation of Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure like Data Centre (DC), Disaster recovery Centre (DRC) and setting up Wide Area Network (WAN).
  3. Core Banking Services (CBS) and Core Insurance Services (Postal Life Insurance and Rural Postal Life Insurance) have been provided in all the Post Offices in the country.
  4. Automated Teller Machine (ATM), Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT), Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and e-Passbook facilities are provided to customers.  

The details the steps taken/ proposed for digitisation, State/UT-wise are as below:

  1. All the Post Offices have been networked on a single Wide Area Network (WAN) to ensure fast transmission of information among all Post Offices.
  2. Department has started sharing Electronic Advance Data (EAD) of international postal articles with other postal administrations to improve security, reduce delay in handling and expedite processing in Customs.
  3. A robust system for online track and trace with Management Information System (MIS) from booking to delivery has been put in place.

In order to increase the business, Department regularly reviews its offerings and takes appropriate action to offer value additions to make them more customer and business centric. Further, new products and services are introduced as per customer’s requirements and market needs. In the recent past, Department has also set up dedicated bulk mail/ Parcel Processing centres and established Nodal delivery centres for mechanisation of the Parcel delivery and increase the revenue from Parcel business. Moreover, commercial exports have been enabled through Postal channel by introduction of Postal Bill of Exports by Customs.

The Department in tie up with Government organizations is providing various citizen centric services viz. Aadhaar enrollment & updation facilities, Post Office Passport Seva Kendras, Passenger Reservation facilities, Digital Life certificates etc.

The details of revenue receipt, revenue expenditure and revenue deficit for the last three financial years is given in “Annexure -2”.

The total investment in the ‘Information Technology (IT) Modernisation Project’ in the last three years and current year is as under:

Financial YearExpenditure (Rupees in crore)
2022-23 (up to October 2022)549.57

The project has been implemented centrally pan -India. Hence, State/ Union Territory (UT) – wise expenditure is not applicable.

1,54,953 Post Offices including 1,29,854 Rural Branch Post Offices are modernised and enabled for multifunctional delivery of Government Services. 13,352 Aadhaar Enrolment and updation Centres and 429 Passport Seva Kendra are functional in Post Offices. Further, 1,20,196 Post offices are providing Common Service Centre (CSC) Services. The Postal Circle-wise (including all State and UTs) details are given in “Annexure -3”. 4493 Branch Post Offices are pending for modernisation. The Postal Circle-wise (including all State and UTs) details are given in “Annexure -4”.

Sl NoName of the Postal Circle (including State/UT)Number ofDepartmental PostOffices ModernisedNumber ofBranch PostOffices ModernisedTotal Number ofPostOffices Modernised
1Andhra Pradesh1,5659,02910,594
6Gujarat (including UT of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu)1,2087,6358,843
8Himachal Pradesh4712,3252,796
9Jammu & Kashmir (including UTs of Jammu &Kashmir and Ladakh)2631,4151,678
12Kerala (including UT of Lakshadweep)1,5093,5555,064
13Madhya Pradesh1,0157,2618,276
14Maharashtra (including State of Goa)2,21310,73512,948
15North East (including States of Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur,Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram andNagaland)3432,5272,870
17Punjab (including UT of Chandigarh)7533,0993,852
19Tamilnadu (including UT of Puducherry)2,5979,26511,862
21Uttar Pradesh2,54015,11917,659
23West Bengal (including State of Sikkim and UT of Andaman and Nicobar Islands)1,7697,2499,018

Annexure -1

Postal Circle wise (including State/UT) list of Modernised Post Offices:

Annexure- 2

Details of Revenue Receipt, Revenue Expenditure and Revenue Deficit for the last three financial years:

ParticularsAmount (In Crore Rupees)
Financial Year2021-222020-212019-20
Net Revenue Receipt10860.7910632.3113558.2
Net Revenue Expenditure29721.4328327.6128371.34
Revenue Deficit18860.6417695.314813.14
Sl NoName of the Postal Circle (including State/UT)Number of PostOffices providing POPSK ServicesNumber of PostOffices providing Aadhaar ServicesNumber ofPostOffices providing CSC Services
1Andhra Pradesh205789,362
6Gujarat (including UT of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu)258787,505
8Himachal Pradesh62542,195
9Jammu & Kashmir (including UTs of Jammu &Kashmir and Ladakh)687412
12Kerala (including UT of Lakshadweep)81,0504,631
13Madhya Pradesh184738,012
14Maharashtra (including State of Goa)391,29312,014
15North East (including States of Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur,Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram andNagaland)51221,135
17Punjab (including UT of Chandigarh)95031,276
19Tamilnadu (including UT of Puducherry)301,4368,710
21Uttar Pradesh481,42415,392
23West Bengal (including State of Sikkim and UT of Andaman and Nicobar Islands)411,1167,732

Annexure- 3

Postal Circle wise (including State/UT) list of Post Offices providing Post Office Passport Seva Kendra (POPSK) services, Aadhaar services and Common Service Centre (CSC) Services:


Postal Circle wise (including State/UT) list of Branch Post Offices which are yet to be Modernised:

Sl No.Name of the Postal Circle (including State/UT)Number
1Andhra Pradesh14
6Gujarat (including UT of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu)4
8Himachal Pradesh0
9Jammu & Kashmir (including UTs of Jammu &Kashmir and Ladakh)23
12Kerala (including UT of Lakshadweep)1
13Madhya Pradesh518
14Maharashtra (including State of Goa)742
15North East (including States of Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur,Meghalaya, Tripura, Mizoram andNagaland)67
17Punjab (including UT of Chandigarh)10
19Tamilnadu (including UT of Puducherry)0
21Uttar Pradesh229
23West Bengal (including State of Sikkim and UT of Andaman and Nicobar Islands)64

This information was given by the Minister of State for Communications, Shri Devusinh Chauhan in a written reply to a question in Lok Sabha today.

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