Uttar-Dakshin music concert in Mangaluru on Nov 26

 Uttar-Dakshin music concert in Mangaluru on Nov 26
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Mangaluru, Nov 20, 2022: Uttar-Dakshin, a music concert series successfully conducted on many prestigious platforms in India, will be held in Mangalore Townhall on Nov 26.

The event, which will be at 5.30 pm is organized in association with Sangeet Bharati Pratishtan of Mangaluru.

The program series has been conducted on 11 stages so far and the 12th one will be held in Mangaluru.

It will feature a Hindustani classical vocal recital by the renowned Vidushi Ashwin Bhide Deshpande and a jugalbandi by Violin maestros in Carnatic music Vidwan Ganesh and Vidwan Kumeresh.

Ashwini Bhide Deshpande will be accompanied by Pt Vyasamurti Katti on the Harmonium and Pt Ravindra Yavagal on the Tabla. Vidwan B Harikumar on the Mridangam and Vidwan Trichi Krishnaswamy on the Ghatam Will accompany Vidwan Ganesh and Vidwan Kumeresh in the Violin Jugalbandi.

It is a musical feast for lovers of both Uttaradi (northern ) and Dakshinadi (southern) schools of music.

Hailing from Mumbai Vid Ashwini Bhide Deshpande secured a master’s degree in Micro Biology and he was awarded a doctorate in Biochemistry from Baba Atomic Research Centre. She obtained Sangeet Visharada from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva College, Mandal. She has presented concerts on many prestigious national and international platforms and has won numerous awards.

Vidwan Ganesh and Vidwan Kumeresh are two eminent artists of the Carnatic school of music. Born in Kanpur of Uttar Pradesh they gained mastery in music in childhood and presented concerts in many countries.

Sangeet Natak Akademi award, Chowdaiah award, Sri Kanchi Kamakoti award, Kalaimani
award, and Sunaad Sangeeta Sarangya are some of the awards these brothers have won.
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