Mangaluru Airport imparts soft skills training to ASG personnel of CISF

 Mangaluru Airport imparts soft skills training to ASG personnel of CISF
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New training aims to strengthen personnel with continued passenger-friendly interactions

Mangaluru, Sept 23, 2022: Striving to continue to create a seamless travel experience at the various touchpoints for passengers at Mangaluru International Airport, a special a week-long soft skills training for the Airport Security Group (ASG) of CISF was conducted. A professional soft skills training expert at MIA conducted this session for 160 CISF personnel via role plays which placed the ASG personnel in sensitive situations with passengers.

The role play underscored the need for the ASG personnel on how they need to handle each situation appropriately with care and warmth. The training involved making the ASG personnel aware of their importance to the airport as a security function, understanding passenger travel behaviour and perception management towards security and security protocol, and ensure etiquette at the airport through effective communication.

Krishna Prakash, deputy commandant, ASG of CISF, chief airport security officer (CASO) dwelt on the importance of how this central armed police force is key in enhancing the passenger experience with their expertise of managing security at vital installation such as the airport. The CASO at the same time reminded them that they have a bounden duty to ensure security and safety protocols are always followed.

The soft skills training expert made the training sessions lively, a characteristic which helped the ASG personnel assimilate concepts easily. Mangaluru International Airport is committed to prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of all passengers while ensuring a safe and efficient air hub in this coastal city. The training was also in line with a committed goal of MIA to become a customer centric, eco-friendly, safe, and secure airport.

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