Expert: Excellent performance by long term NEET coaching students

 Expert: Excellent performance by long term NEET coaching students
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Mangaluru, Sept 12, 2022: The long-term NEET coaching students of Expert Coaching Classes have achieved excellent results in NEET 2022 with 97.56 per cent students security eligibility for admission to medical colleges this year.

Four students scored more than 600 marks, 13 scored above 550, 24 scored more than 500, 44 scored above 450 and 60 students scored above 400.

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“The aspiring students who studied in other colleges and scored less marks last year (NEET 2021) were deprived of admission to the medical colleges of their choice. They had joined the long term coaching at Expert and have achieved an unprecedented feat,” Expert Group of Institutions Chairman Narendra L. Nayak said in a press statement.

Details of best performing students (Inside the bracket is last year’s marks)

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Deepa Rajashekhar Kullur 665 (429), Rakshan Rai 637 (470), Mohith Raju 619 (483), Gagan G 615 (466), Sanjana J 585 (410), Rahul SD 569 (325, Shetty Sannidhi Mohan 568 (392), Gawtham Gowda 568 (462), Shakeel Ahamed Imad 566 (399), Ahila Shenoy M 558 (279), Abhishekh HA 555 (365), Naveen S Kambali 554 (380), Hanan Mustaq Ahmed 551 (352), Udhbhavi Gowda SM 546 (423), Ramik Ramesh Kumar 545 (399), Prakriti J Shetty 543 (304), Varsha NR 533 (250), Vaishnavi 533 (319), Adithya KU 531 (417), Preethi PM 513 (250), Sachin R Poojari 508 (454), Apoorva S 505 (386), Sushma Rajendra R 504 (237), Arya Smaran Gowda 503 (420).

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According to the statement, about 90 per cent of the students who joined long-term NEET coaching last year got a seat in prestigious medical colleges. Narendra L. Naik has congratulated the students.

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