CET: Expert students secure 20 ranks out of top 50

 CET: Expert students secure 20 ranks out of top 50
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Mangaluru, July 30, 2022: Students of Expert PU College, Mangaluru have secured 2 ranks out of the top 10 ranks in five categories of CET 2022.  

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A press statement from Expert stated that its students secured 20 ranks in the first 50 ranks and 49 ranks in the top 100 ranks.

Students of the institute secured 78 ranks in the top 150, 105 in the top 200 ranks  and 153 ranks in the first 300 ranks.

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  1. Adithya Kamath Ammembal: 7th rank in BNYS, 17th in Veterinary Medicine, 34th rank in B.Pharm.  
  2. Pranav S: 10th  rank in BNYS, 14th rank in Veterinary Medicine, 18th rank in B Pharma and  60th rank in Agriculture.
  3. Muhammad Rumaiz: 22nd in engineering.
  4. Amare Gouda: 23rd rank in veterinary medicine and 31st in Pharma,  53 in BNYS, 61st in Agriculture.
  5. Vrushabh V Javali: 26th rank in B Pharm, 49th rank in BNYS.
  6. Anujna K: 29th rank in in BNYS,  59th in Agriculture,  62th in   in Veterinary,  95th in B Pharma.
  7. Skand Shanbhag: 29th rank in Veterinary,  35th rank in B Pharma,  97th rank in Agriculture.
  8. Pawan S Dhulashetty: 30th rank in Agriculture,  68 in BNYS, 91th in Veterinary Medicine.
  9. Vishaal S: 39th rank in agriculture.
  10. Sathwik A. S:  40th rank in agriculture, 50th  in veterinary,  52th in BNYS,  59th in B Pharma.
  11. Snehal Mahima Castelino: 44th rank in agriculture, 85th in BNYS.
  12. Shri Sampath S D: 49th rank in Veterinary Medicine,  51st in BNYS, 60th in B Pharma.
  13. Abhishek B. Y: 52th rank in agriculture.
  14. Tubachi Krutik Changouda: 57th rank in BNYS, 73th rank in veterinary medicine.
  15. Samarth S. Betageri: 59th rank in BNYS, 65th in Veterinary Medicine,  81st rank in B Pharma.
  16. Namitha N: 71st rank in BNYS,
  17. Himanshu L: 72nd rank in agriculture,
  18. Suryadeep S: 82nd rank in agriculture, 93rd rank in BNYS.
  19. Bharath Kumar Y Revadakundi: 84th rank in agriculture.
  20. Yashaswini S.  Balappanavar: 87th rank in BNYS, 92nd rank in Veterinary Medicine.
  21. Abhi S. Kumar: 90th rank in agriculture.
  22. Dishanth K: 98th rank in veterinary science.

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“Out of the top 100 ranks in five categories, 49 ranks have been secured by the students of the institute. The collective efforts of the students, parents and teachers have yielded good results. I am proud that the students have realized the motto of the organization ‘Shram Eva Jayate’.  I congratulate all the students,” Prof Narendra L Nayak, Chairman, Expert Group said.

“I had expectation about CET results. I have already been selected in the KVPY exam and will have to take a decision on further studies based on NEET results. The contribution of Expert and its faculty with the encouragement of parents behind my academic achievement is immense. Apart from preparing me academically, they have also strengthened me mentally. In fact, I would like to thank everyone at Expert for this,” says Aditya Kamath Ammembala, who secured the 7th rank in BNYS.

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