e-Auction for commercial contracts in Palakkad Division to commence from July 16

 e-Auction for commercial contracts in Palakkad Division to commence from July 16
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For managing Parking area, Parcel vans on selected trains, and for Out Of Home (OOH) advertisement media in major stations.  

Mangaluru, July 09, 2022: For the first time, Palakkad Division is going for e-auctions by replacing e-Tendering for commercial contracts from July 16th, 2022.

Parking spaces: Through e-auction,  contracts for managing parking spaces at Palakkad Town, Vaniyambalam, Mahe, Payangadi, Kannapuram, Payyanur, and Nileshwar will be awarded.

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Leasing of the front Parcel Van:

Followed by this, on July 18th, an e-auction will take place for leasing of the front Parcel Vans of:

  1. Train No. 12620 Mangaluru Central – Lokmanya Tilak  Matsyagandha Express,
  2. Train No. 12686 Mangaluru Central – MGR Chennai Central Superfast Express,
  3. Train No. 12602 Mangaluru Central – MGR Chennai Central Mail,
  4. Train No. 16348 Mangaluru Central – Thiruvananthapuram Central Express
  5. Train No. 16528  Kannur – Yesvantpur Express
  6. Train No. 22609 Mangaluru Central – Coimbatore Junction Intercity-Express 


And Out Of Home (OOH) commercial publicity contracts for the stations at Kozhikode, Mangaluru Central, Kannur, Tirur, Palakkad Junction, and Pollachi Stations.

E-Auction Platform

E – Auctions will be carried out through the Indian Railways E-procurement System (IREPS) site(https://ireps.gov.in/) and auction catalogues are already published for it by the Division on the website.

How to participate

For participation in the auction, registration in the e-auction- earnings and lease module of IREPS is required.  One-time registration fees of Rs.10, 000/- plus GST @18% will be charged for it. Further, the participant needs to open a current account in SBI and link the same to their IREPS profile. For participation in auctions, Lien marked amount is required in the current account for the Earnest Money Deposit. 


There is no geographical restriction on bidders/applicants for registration and participation in any e-auction throughout Indian Railways. Once registered in IREPS, the bidder can participate in any of the e-auctions for commercial contracts taking place over Indian Railways.

The relaxed eligibility criteria are another attraction of the new contract system through e-auctions. 

For contract value of up to Rs.40 lakh, no previous turnover has to be mentioned. For contract value of up to Rs.1 Crore, the turnover should be Rs.20 lakh. For contract value above Rs.1 Crore, the turnover required is Rs.50 lakh.

Quick finalization and the possibility of quick re-awarding of contract in case of failures make it more users friendly. Transparent computer-based finalization is an advantage for the participants. Through the system, the contract can be finalized within five days of the auction, duly signing the bid sheets by the successful bidder.

For the successful bidder, the amount of EMD blocked from the current account at the time of bidding will be converted into a Security Deposit.  For the unsuccessful bidders, the EMD will be released immediately. No need for payment of the cost of the tender form.

Lien marked amount can be increased if required even after commencing the auction. A successful bidder can start the contract within a month from the date of e-auction. The signing of the contract is also done through the IREPS site.

For more details, please log in to https://ireps.gov.in/

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