CAMPCO president requests farmers not to panic

 CAMPCO president requests farmers not to panic
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Mangaluru, June 08, 2022: Campco president Kishore Kumar Kodgi has asked areca growers not to panic as the onset of monsoon will support the market soon.

“The arecanut market is going steady and the present disturbance in the market is only temporary. The farmers need not panic,” he said in a press statement.

“The heat waves in Northern India, especially in Uttar Pradesh where there is a huge demand for arecanut has constricted the market to a certain extent for the time being. The onset of monsoons will soon support the market,” he said.

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“As per information gathered, there is a dearth of goods in the Uttar Pradesh Market and as per Market trend before the onset of monsoons, they would require to store goods. As such sales orders from certain areas have already commenced and the market would soon be steady,” he assured.

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Kodgi urged the farmers not to listen to rumours.

“CAMPCO has always stood with the Farmers for the past five decades and will continue to do so,” he added.

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