Mangaluru Airport takes Green initiatives to mark Environment Day

 Mangaluru Airport takes Green initiatives to mark Environment Day
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Plantable baggage tags with seeds distributed to departing passengers at Mangaluru International Airport on World Environment Day

Mangaluru, June 05, 2022: Plantable baggage tags, distribution of saplings, online quiz, and green selfie booths –were some of the events held at Mangaluru International Airport to mark the World Environment Day on Sunday.

The #PlantGoodness passenger baggage tags given to departing passengers were a special attraction. The tags contained seeds of a variety of vegetables and medicinal plants. Happy with this initiative, the passengers assured to plant these tags. Other stakeholders at the airport too happily accepted these tags.

Arriving passengers took the opportunity to add saplings of Dwarf Lilyturf or Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon Japonicus) to their luggage. The selfie booth provided the passengers a chance to click pictures and selfies with these saplings. Standees near the selfie booth with a QR code took one to the home page of the airport where one could participate in an online quiz with goodie bags for a prize.

A pledge wall set up at the domestic security hold area provided a space for the passengers and other stakeholders to pen the ‘note of commitment’ to save the planet. 

The airport also had various activities for kids at the kids’ corner set up as part of the summer carnival. Children pledged to save paper, and use unused pages in their notebooks for rough work. They happily participated i9n the craft and drawing activities.

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