Vijayanagara era inscription discovered at Kokkarne

 Vijayanagara era inscription discovered at Kokkarne
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Udupi, May 29, 2022: A 15th-century inscription of Vijayanaragara King Devaraya II was discovered at Chagribettu of Kokkarne in Udupi district.

Bridgework was underway at Pejamanguru village of Kokkarne when the villagers tumbled upon a beautiful inscription. Kokkarne Panchayat president Lakshmi informed Dr. B Jagadeesh Shetty, historian and Administrator of Rashtra Kavi Govinda Pai Samshodhana Kendra.

He along with history and archeology researcher Shruthesh Acharya Mudubelle visited the site and studied the inscription.

The inscription is engraved in granite stone. The lower portion of the inscription is damaged and presently available one is 2 feet in height and 2 feet wide. It has 16 lines written in Kannada script and Kannada language. Shiva Linga is carved in the top portion with lamps on both sides along with Nandi, Sun, and Moon carvings.

The inscription dating back to Dundubhi Samvatsara of 1364 Saka Year (corresponding to 1442 AD) starts with the line ‘Sri Ganadhipataye Namaha…’

Under Vijayanagara Ruler Devaraya II, Chandarasara Odeya was the governor of Barakuru then.

The inscription mentions Bomana, Govinda Setti, Shanara Narayana, and Kudu (probably Kudi village).

Dr. Shetty opines that the inscription could be about the grant given to Sri Shankara Narayana. It has been shifted to Rastra Kavi Govinda Pai Samshodhana Kendra. Lakshmi, Raghavendra Kodlaya, and Nagesh Nayak assisted in the work.

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