MSNIM organizes talk on Skin Health

 MSNIM organizes talk on Skin Health
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Mangaluru, Feb 24, 2022: Manel Srinivas Nayak Institute of Management (MSNIM) hosted a talk on skin health on Feb 19.

The talk was held as a part of MSNIM’s ongoing ‘MSN Health Series.’

Dr. Pramod Kumar, Professor of Dermatology and Associate Dean of Kasturba Medical College, Mangaluru was the resource person for the talk titled “It’s Not Just Skin Deep”. MBA students of the institute, faculty members, and staff attended the program.

In his talk, Dr. Pramod Kumar advised the students on how to maintain healthy skin through healthy eating habits.
“Skin is the mirror of good health. Healthy skin is obtained by drinking two liters of clean water daily, having nutritious food consisting of local fruits and leafy vegetables rich in iron content and eggs. Exposing the body to sunlight for at least 15-30 minutes results in the supply of the required quantity of Vitamin D to the body,” he said.

He advised the students to reduce the use of soap, as too much lather harms the skin by killing good bacteria.

nd other skin products for steroids before use, as steroids in higher doses harm the body,” he said.

Institute Director Dr. Molly S. Chaudhuri presided over the function. Anujna, Secretary, Students Council welcomed the gathering. Chinthan, the Final MBA student, gave a vote of thanks. Arpith anchored the program. Ashalatha was the faculty coordinator of the talk.

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