Fisheries department warns strict action against light fishing, bull trawl

 Fisheries department warns strict action against light fishing, bull trawl
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Udupi, Oct 10, 2020: Rain has receded, and the post-monsoon fishing activity is all set to gain momentum.

The beginning of the fishing season would also mean some fishermen involving in the banned method of fishing. Every year there are several cases of fishermen venturing into the banned methods of fishing like light fishing and bull trawl.

Light fishing is a type of fishing where powerful lights mounted on the Purse Seine Boats are focused on the sea at night. The fish which are attracted by the light come to the surface and are caught.

Bull trawl or pair trawling is done along the coastal districts of Karnataka with peak operations during the post-monsoon period. The pair trawls target fish verities like carangids, scombroids, clupeids, pomfrets, and squids. The catch mainly consists of juveniles including those of high-value fish.

As both these types of fishing cause adverse effects on fishing, the government has banned them.

Despite the ban, many are involved in these types of fishing. There are heated arguments, protests, and counter-protests by the fishermen whenever such types of fishing are found.

Due to the strict action initiated by the officials, the number of cases has come down drastically.

This year too as the fishing season has begun, the fisheries department has issued a strict warning to the fishermen and asked them not to involve in these types of fishing activities.

“We will take strict action against those who are found involved in the banned method of fishing. The permits of the boats will be canceled and their subsidized diesel facility suspended. Also, they will have to pay five times the price of their catch as fine,” Fisheries Department Deputy Director warned.

Due to frequent monitoring, the number of cases had decreased last year.

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