Udupi: ₹ 2.52 lakh stolen from coolie’s house

 Udupi: ₹ 2.52 lakh stolen from coolie’s house
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Udupi, Sept 16, 2021: Thieves stole ₹2.52 lakh from the house of a coolie worker in Udupi district on September 15.

Manjakka (38) of Badami taluk works as a coolie. With her husband and two children, she lives at a house near Krishna Hollowblocks near Kaup.

On September 15 she left home for work at 8.30 am after her children went to school.

At 1 pm Manjakka’s daughter Gangamma took the key and went home. When she opened the house she found bags and clothes scattered. She immediately brought this to her mother’s notice.

When Manjakka came home she found the back door broken. The savings money which she had locked in the drawer of the table at the house was stolen.

Manjakka had kept 12 bundles of ₹ 500 notes (each bundle had 40 notes) in the upper drawer. This amounted to ₹ 2.40 lakh. In the lower drawer, she had placed ₹ 12,000. According to the complaint, the money totaling ₹2.52 lakh has been stolen.

A case is registered at Padubudri Police Station.

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