Former Mayor Ashraf condemns C T Ravi’s statement on Madrasas

 Former Mayor Ashraf condemns C T Ravi’s statement on Madrasas
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Mangaluru, Sep 01, 2021: Former Mayor and Dakshina Kannada Muslim Okkuta district president K Ashraf has strongly objected to BJP state general secretary C T Ravi’s recently statement.

“CT Ravi seems to be worried after he lost cabinet post. Off late he is giving irrelevant statements. Recently he alleged that Talibanis are being produced in the Madrasas of India. He has turned to be a laughing stock,” Ashraf said.

“He likes publicity and therefore is busy giving such statements. His mental health needs to be tested before he spoils the communal harmony here,” Ashraf mocked.

“Madrasas are the religious centers involved in educating the Muslims. They are the military centers producing patriots. Therefore Independence day is celebrated even in the religious centers too,” he said.

Ashraf added that at the Madrasas children are taught religious texts, moral values, discipline, patriotism, social work, health service, blood donation, and other social works in addition to harmony and devotion.

“C T Ravi should know that the students who study in the Madrasas are patriots who salute the flag. They are ready to lay their life for the country,” he added.

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