SDPI protests against Kabaka Panchayat

 SDPI protests against Kabaka Panchayat
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Demand Panchayat to remove Savarkar’s photo

Mangaluru, Aug 15, 2021: There was a heated argument between the members of Kabaka Panchayat and SDPI workers after the latter protested against the Panchayat for putting up Savarkar’s photo in a flex.

Savarkar’s photo was among the freedom fighters in a flex put on Panchayat’s vehicle. The SDPI activists arrived rising slogan against the Panchayat when the vehicle was about to be started. They also tried to stop the vehicle.

While the SDPI workers wanted the Panchayat to remove Savarkar’s photo, the Panchayat members stood by their decision declaring that Savarkar was a freedom fighter and they would not change it.

The PDO had filed complaint against 7 who tried to stop the vehicle. Based on the complaint Puttur police have arrested three accused identified as Azeez, Abdul Rehman and Shameer. They have been sent to Judicial Custody.

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