What makes Coastal Karnataka’s rock arts closer to Harappa

 What makes Coastal Karnataka’s rock arts closer to Harappa
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Rock art at Avalakkipare

Udupi, June 27, 2021: Students, scholars, lecturers, and history enthusiasts participated in the webinar on ‘Rock Arts in Coastal Karnataka,’ on Saturday.

The event was organized by Akhila Bharathiya Sahitya Parishat, Udupi Taluk Committee.

Prof T Murugeshi, Associate Professor, Department of Ancient History and Archaeology, MSRS College- Shirva, who was the main speaker gave details and interesting facts about the Rock Arts found in Udupi district.

He remembered the contributions made by historians Dr. Vasanth Shetty, P Gururaj Bhat, A Sundara, and K V Ramesh in the field of studies on Pre-historic sites in the region.

Speaking on the subject, Prof Murugeshi referred to those found at Gavali, Buddhanajaddu, and Avalakkipare. Of these the rock arts at Buddhanajaddu and Avalakkipare were discovered by Prof Murugeshi and his students near Kolluru.

“While those found at Gavali and Buddhanajaddu are contemporary to Harappa, the arts at Avalakkipare are of Upper Paleolithic,” he said.

Showing photos of the carvings, he explained the similarities between the bull carvings found at Indus-Valley sites and Buddhanajaddu and Gavali. He also mentioned the importance people had given then to bull worship.

Prof Murugeshi stressed the need for in-depth research in the field as it would throw light on interesting facts of history.

Dr. Shrikanth Rao Siddapura, Retired Professor, PPC Udupi, and Honorary president Akhila Bharathiya Sahitya Parishat, Kundapura Taluk Committee were the chief guest.
Prof Mitraprabha Hegade, President, Akhila Bharathiya Sahitya Parishat, Karkala Taluk Committee, and others were present.

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