MSRS College students discover Hero Stone at Udyavara

 MSRS College students discover Hero Stone at Udyavara
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Udupi, Sept 23, 2021: Two students of MSRS College- Shirva who were on their fieldwork have discovered a hero stone at Udyavara.

Udyavara in Udupi district has an important place in Tuluva history. It had served as the headquarters of the Alupa Royal Family. Udyavara had also witnessed an internal fight within the Alupa family. Several hero stones and inscriptions have been discovered in this village.

The latest one was found just a few meters from the famous Ganapathi Temple.

The students of the Ancient History and Archeology department of MSRS College are regularly sent on fieldwork to have practical experience and knowledge. Recently, two students, Shreyas and Gowtham were sent to Udyavara. They were clearing the wild growth near the temple when they discovered a beautifully carved Hero stone.

“The hero-stone under study is a rectangular stone, divided into two compartments and about 3 feet in height. The lower compartment beautifully displays the fighting of two heroes’. In the upper compartment the deceased hero is shown sitting in heaven,” the students narrated.

“The stone has a very attractive carving of a dual fight. Going by the carving we can date it to the 10th century,” Archeology and History department head, Associate Professor T Murugeshi says.

The stone does not have any inscription.

“The swords held by the men in the fight are called Nagamuri,” he added.

Shreyas and Gowtham thanked Prof Murugeshi for his guidance and suggestions in the discovery.

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