Mysuru division restores several train services

 Mysuru division restores several train services
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To run additional unreserved MEMU trains

Mysuru, June 17, 2021: With easing of the lockdown restrictions in several districts of the state, South Western Railway, Mysuru division has decided to run additional unreserved MEMU trains.

It has also restored several train services over the division. The trains will run on pre Covid schedule and stoppages.

Passengers have been asked to strictly follow all norms of State and Central Government regarding COVID-19 in trains and at Railway stations. Other precautions associated with COVID-19 should also be ensured, according to a press statement by Dr Manjunath Kanamadi, Senior Divisional Commercial Manager, Mysuru.

Sl. NoTrain NoFromToDepartureArrivalDays of Service 
0106567 Rajyarani ExpressKSR BengaluruMysuru10.3513.20DailyMEMU Express
0206568 Rajyarani ExpressMysuruKSR Bengaluru14.4017.10DailyMEMU Express
0306569 Chamundi ExpressKSR BengaluruMysuru18.2521.05DailyMEMU Express
0406570 Chamundi ExpressMysuruKSR Bengaluru07.0009.30DailyMEMU Express
0506559KSR BengaluruMysuru00.4504.30DailyMEMU Express
0606560MysuruKSR Bengaluru21.3000.15DailyMEMU Express
0706201 Tippu ExpressMysuruKSR Bengaluru11.3014.00DailyRestoration w.e.f. 18.06.2021
0806202 Tippu ExpressKSR BengaluruMysuru15.1517.45DailyRestoration w.e.f. 19.06.2021
0906529 IntercityKSR BengaluruTalguppa15.0022.10DailyRestoration w.e.f. 18.06.2021
1006530 IntercityTalguppaKSR Bengaluru05.1512.10DailyRestoration w.e.f. 19.06.2021
1102725 IntercityKSR Bengaluru  Dharwad13.0022.15DailyRestoration w.e.f. 18.06.2021
1202726 IntercityDharwadKSR Bengaluru05.1514.05DailyRestoration w.e.f. 19.06.2021  
1302089  Jan ShatabdiKSR BengaluruShivamogga Town17.1521.55DailyRestoration w.e.f. 18.06.2021
1402090 Jan ShatabdiShivamogga TownKSR Bengaluru05.1509.50DailyRestoration w.e.f. 19.06.2021
1506316KochuveliMysuru16.4511.20DailyRestoration w.e.f. 16.06.2021
1606315MysuruKochuveli12.5009.20DailyRestoration w.e.f. 17.06.2021
1707307 Basava ExpressMysuruBagalkot13.3011.10 Restoration w.e.f. 20.06.2021
1807308 Basava ExpressBagalkotMysuru14.3013.50 Restoration w.e.f 21.06.2021

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