Uttara Kannada people worried over increase in COVID cases

 Uttara Kannada people worried over increase in COVID cases
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Ananth R

Karwar, May 14, 2021: Uttara Kannada district which had recorded the least number of COVID cases as well as death during the first wave is now witnessing a steep increase in positive cases as well as the number of deaths.

While the increase in COVID cases has worried the people, what is more, concerning is the alarming number of deaths witnessed in the last few weeks.

“COVID was new last year and nobody knew how to go about it. Despite that, the situation was handled very well by Deputy Commissioner Dr. Harish Kumar and the team. Initially, the patients were treated at Navy Hospital and later the district administration set up a COVID ward in the Karwar Institute of Medical Science (KRIMS) and successfully controlled the COVID cases. This time the situation is concerning,” Uttara Kannada district Red Cross Disaster Management Unit head Madhav Nayak told The Canara Post.

But he is worried about things this year.

“When the number of cases was less, the officials, as well as the public, neglected COVID guidelines. Programs were held at the beach and permission was granted by the authorities. People went to the election campaign and voting at Belagavi. All these led to an increase in the number of cases,” he noted.

Nayak also blames some private clinics for the present situation.

May 1379114
May 129608
May 11108418
May 1088511
May 99179
May 8103411
May 78336
Total in 7 days6,50477
Source: State COVID bulletin

“We have seen cases where the doctors do not suggest the patients undergo COVID test when they come with fever and COVID symptoms. These doctors treat this as a common fever. Only when they find the situation out of control do they suggest going to the government hospital or the hospitals in Udupi and Mangaluru. By then it would be late and the patients would require ICUs or oxygen. Many such late diagnoses have led to deaths,” he added.

“Last year the diagnosis, as well as treatment of the patient, was very well. We see a major setback this year,” he added.
Maruthi, a businessman points out the lack of teamwork in the district.

“Last year the officials worked as a team. The various initiative was taken by the officials then. The officials including DC who took charge later tried to continue the same old system. But this time the situation was different. They should have planned accordingly,” he added.

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