Govt revises CT-Scan rates within 24 hours

 Govt revises CT-Scan rates within 24 hours
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Bengaluru, May 08, 2021: The state government has issued a revised circular on price capping of HRCT and Digital X-rays for COVID 19 patients in Karnataka.

On May 7 the state government had issued a circular on price to be charged by the private diagnostic centers, private medical establishments, and scanning centers for the testing of HRCT/CT. The government had capped the rate at ₹ 1,500.

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However within 24 hours, the state government revised its order with changes.

This decision was after the Association of Diagnostic Centers, Bengaluru (ADCB) submitted a representation to the Chief Minister.

The ADCB submitted that the Diagnostic Centers are not given any concessions electricity bill tariff like what they provided to hospitals. They also mentioned that the cost of a single scan was around ₹ 4,000 as they pay a huge amount on the salaries of radiologists and supporting staff.

The ADCB submitted that the price limited fixed by the government is not viable and demanded the government to reconsider the price cap and fix it between 3,500 and 4,500 per scan.

Revised rates:

₹ 1,500 for patients having BPL cards (including consumables, sanitisation etc) per patient of all ages.

₹ 2,500 for other patients (including consumables, sanitization etc) per patient of all ages.

Click HERE for circular copy

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