Contractors meet Chief Engineer, seek solution to their problem

 Contractors meet Chief Engineer, seek solution to their problem
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Contractors meet Chief Engineer in Karwar
Contractors’ Association members met Chief Engineer at Karwar

Karwar, March 02, 2021: Members of Contractors Association met Dharwad Division Chief Engineer S F Patil and requested him to solve their problem.

The members met the Chief Engineer during his visit to Karwar today.

Association president Madhav Nayak nerrated the various problems faced by the contractors and requested the officer to take measures to solve their problem.

He told the Chief Engineer that as per the rules of the government the completion time of a work includes even rainy days. But as Uttara Kannada district receives heavy rain the contractors face trouble. Madhav Nayak requested relaxation in this.

He also narrated the problem due to package tender system and requested to follow the earlier system.

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Dharwad region Superintending Engineer Shivanand Nayak, Executive Engineer Sathish Jahageerdar, Assistant Executive Engineer Rajiv Naik, Contractors Association leaders Anil Kumar Malsekar, Vijay Desai, Deepak K Nayak, Vijay Biliye, Dheeru Shanbhag, Ramesh Nayaka Torke and others were present.

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