For the first time active cases dip below 2% of the total cases

 For the first time active cases dip below 2% of the total cases
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India continues on its steady trajectory of reporting a sustained downfall in the daily new cases and consequential decline in the active cases.

For the first time, India’s share of Active Cases within the total Positive Cases has shrunk below 2% (1.98)%.

In the last 24 hours, 15,144 daily cases have been recorded. The Active Caseload of the country has fallen to 2,08,826. The daily new cases have been below 20,000 for the past 10 days.

The figure shows the change in the Active Cases in the last 24 hours. Kerala has recorded the maximum positive change with an addition of 922 cases whereas Madhya Pradesh shows maximum negative change with a drop of 433 cases.

17,170 new recoveries were registered during the last 24 hours.The share of recovered cases stands at 96.58%. The total recovered cases are 10,196,885. They exceed the active cases by 99,88,059 (48.83 times more).

80.53% of the new recovered cases are observed from 10 States/UTs.

Kerala has reported the highest number of recoveries with 5,011 newly recovered cases in a single day. 3,039 people recovered in Maharashtra in the past 24 hours followed by 930 inUttar Pradesh.

81% of the new cases are from 8 States and UTs.

Kerala continues to report the highest daily new cases at 5,960. It is followed by Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu with 2,910 and 610 new cases, respectively.

Daily fatalities in India are also registering a consistent decline. India has recorded less than 300 daily deaths for the last 23 days.

Six States  & UTs have reported 66.30% of the 181 case fatalities in the past 24 hours.

Maharashtra has reported 52 deaths. Kerala saw a fatality count of 27 while West Bengal reported 15 new deaths.

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