Disciplinary action against irregular officials: Dr Harish Kumar

 Disciplinary action against irregular officials: Dr Harish Kumar
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Dr Harish Kumar

Karwar, Dec 10, 2020: For a common man, the word ‘government office,’ usually means a place where they have to spend an entire day to get their smallest work done.

‘Officer has gone to headquarters,’ ‘the concerned caseworker has gone out,’ are the most heard answers when a common man goes to a government office to get his work done. Many times officials give these reasons just to delay the work.

Uttara Kannada Deputy Commissioner Dr. Harish Kumar has decided to put an end to this ‘practice.’

Uttara Kannada district has 12 taluks and people come from distant villages to government offices to get their work done. The unnecessary absence and delay by the officials put people in trouble as they have to come to the office again.
Dr. Harish Kumar has issued an order to all the departments to ensure that the work related to people are not unnecessarily delayed.

“The district administration has received complaints that the officials and personnel are not available during duty hours. Even if they are present they spend time chatting with each other or go frequently to the canteen. All the officials and personnel should understand their responsibility and discharge their duty properly,” the DC gave a stern warning.

“It has also come to the notice that some personnel visits the office of their senior officials their higher-ups. They will be marked absent and disciplinary action would be taken against such personnel. If any personnel is seen repeatedly at Deputy Commissioner’s office without proper reason and permission then the office heads will be held responsible,” the DC stated.

Dr. Harish Kumar asked the revenue department officials to be present at the district headquarters round the clock. All the office heads have been asked to make biometric attendance compulsory.

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