Madhav Nayak meets Home Minister, seeks reservation for Home Guards in Police recruitment

 Madhav Nayak meets Home Minister, seeks reservation for Home Guards in Police recruitment
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Madhav Nayak handing over the memorandum to Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai at Karwar

Karwar, Dec 04, 2020: Janashakthi Vedike president Madhav Nayak has asked Karnataka Home Minister to change the name of Home Guards to Karnataka Para Police Force and also provide them with all necessary facilities including reservation in Police recruitment.

Madhav Nayak has taken up the cause of Home Guards and is fighting to get them all the facilities. He met Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai during the latter’s visit to Karwar on Friday and submitted a memorandum to him placing all the problem and also suggested a solution to it.

“Many highly educated youths in the state are serving as Home Guards. But when compared to our neighboring states like Goa, Maharashtra, Kerala, and Telangana the payment and the facilities which they get are very less. Most of those serving as Home Guards are from economically backward class,” he stated in the memorandum.

“It is sad that those who provide their service to the society are deprived of the facilities which their counterparts in neighboring states get. These people who serve as Home Guards fail to get proper duty, and even if they do their payments are irregular,” he narrated.

Nayak has mentioned in detail the problem of the Home Guards.

“Some have not received honorarium since about a year, and they have no job security. They do not get proper food while on Bandobast and are deprived of proper shelter,” Nayak said.

“They provide selfless service and the state government must provide them all the facilities which their counterparts get in other states. The state government should follow Telangana model and provide proper salary, free bus pass, free ration, good uniform, and other security and help their life,” he added.

Nayak has also mentioned some of the facilities provided by the Telangana government.

  • ₹20,000 salary and 2BHK house for Home Guards.
  • Women who are serving as Home Guards are provided 6 months of maternity leave with pay. Men are provided 15 days of paternity leave.
  • Food and shelter for those who go on Bandobast
  • Free medicine and insurance for the family
  • Financial assistance to the family in case of death of a Home Guard.
  • Those who complete 5 years in Home Guards are provided reservation during the recruitment in the Police department.

“The state government should provide these facilities to our Home Guards also. Home Guards have good experience doing the duty in police department. Thus those who have completed five years in Home Guards should be provided reservation during police recruitment,” he told The Canara Post.

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