Pilikula’s ‘Vikram,’ no more

 Pilikula’s ‘Vikram,’ no more

Bengal Tiger

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Mangaluru, Oct 26: The star attraction of Pilikula- 21 year old Tiger- ‘Vikram,’ died today morning.

Vikram was a familiar name for those frequenting Pilikula. He was one among the first animals brought to Pilikula Biological Park when the zoo was started in 2003. Then, a four year old Vikram was brought from Tavare Koppa Safari of Shivamogga, Biological Park director said.

Vikram had fathered 10 cubs including Kadamba, Krishna, Vinaya, Oliver, Akshay, Manju, Amar, Akbar, Antony and Nisha. They are now settled in various zoos in Rajasthan, Gujarath, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Mysuru.

Vikram was under rest and treatment since two months. He was suffering from age related illness including poor eye sight, kidney failure and loss of appetite. The health further deteriorated since last few days and he had stopped consuming food.

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