One killed as glider dives into sea in Karwar

 One killed as glider dives into sea in Karwar
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Karwar, Oct 02: A person was killed when the motor glider fell into the sea near Karwar’s Tagore beach on Friday.

The person is identified as Madhusoodhan Reddy of Andhra Pradesh who is serving as a naval officer at Sea Bird in Karwar. He had come to the beach in the evening and opted for a ride on the Motor glider. The motor glider service has resumed in Karwar beach for about three days.

The glider instructor Vidyadhar Vaidya who is also the owner of the service had accompanied Reddy in the ride and was controlling the glider.

People said that the glider’s rope got cut. It immediately lost altitude and fell into the sea. The fishing boats immediately rushed to the spot and succeeded in rescuing the instructor. But could not find Reddy in the muddy seawater.

Lifeguard Chandan, Surendra, and the team reached the spot and found Reddy along with the glider and brought him to the beach. Reddy was immediately shifted to the hospital in the vehicle of the Town Police Station inspector.

However, doctors declared him dead. A case is filed at Karwar Town police station.

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