Farmers being misled on Agricultural Laws by vested interests: Dr Jitendra Singh

 Farmers being misled on Agricultural Laws by vested interests: Dr Jitendra Singh
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New Delhi, Sep 29: Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh said today that the contract agreement, brought in through the new Agricultural Laws , will be for the crops and not for the land, and alleged that the farmers are being misled to believe otherwise.

Launching a campaign from his Lok Sabha constituency in support of the Farmers Laws  brought in by the Modi Govt and against the disinformation being spread by the Congress Party, Dr Jitendra Singh was addressing the Party workers, Sarpanches and BDC Chairmen from the border villages and other areas of districts Kathua and Udhampur.

Dr Jitendra Singh said, the irony is that while the common farmer is satisfied and has no apprehensions, it is some politically motivated interests which have no knowledge or stake in farming but who are trying to make an issue out of it by trying to mislead the farmers. He said, it is in the interest of the farming community of India and common people at large, that all the like-minded people should come out and vociferously dispel the disinformation and the malicious campaign launched by the self-seeking elements.

While the Bill clearly prohibits sale, lease or mortgage of farmers’ land, Dr Jitendra Singh asked, where is the question of farmers’ land being taken over by certain capitalists as is being alleged? He said, the Bill clearly states that the Agreement will be for the crops and not for the land.

Moreover, Dr Jitendra Singh said, the Contract Agreement with the farmers is to get the fixed price. Not only this, the new Act also provides the provision for farmers to withdraw from the Contract at any time without any penalty, he said.

Dr Jitendra Singh accused the opposition of taking up imaginary issues of contention which do not find any reference in the Laws . For example, he said, it is nowhere mentioned that the provision of MSP will be done away with at any point of time and yet the Congress Party and some others are trying to create false fears in the minds of innocent farmers.

Dr Jitendra Singh appealed to party colleagues to reach out to each and every farmer in every village and explain to him the big conspiracy being hatched against him. This, he said, will enable the agricultural community to avail of the enormous welfare initiatives introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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