Activists seek special status to Uttara Kannada

 Activists seek special status to Uttara Kannada
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Karwar, July 21: From nuclear power projects to Naval base, people of Uttara Kannada district have provided their land. But they feel these projects have not helped them and want elected representatives to raise this issue in the legislature.
Several social activists believe that the Uttara Kannada district, which was part of Bombay presidency and shares its border with Goa should be given special status on lines with Hyderabad Karnataka. 
A team of likeminded activists lead by Janashakthi Vedike president Madhav Nayak met senior Congress leader and MLC B K Hariprasad at Karwar today.
“We met Hariprasad Ji and made him understand the problem. Our district has become an employment generation center for people from other districts and states. Whenever there is a vacancy, people from other districts apply and get the job. After working for some years they take a transfer to their home district. The best example is the driver post in our hospital. When the government had called application for the post, people from other districts got the job. Now all have taken transfer and all the five posts are vacant,” Janashakthi Vedike president Madhav Nayak told The Canara Post.
“There are many such examples. The maximum number of the power project is in our district. We have provided land for the Naval base and the atomic power projects too. Shortly an airbase will be a reality. But no projects have helped much and our youths continue to go to Goa and other places outside the district for a job,” he said.
“Once the government provides special status as it did for Hyderabad Karnataka, our youths would get the benefit. We have told this to Hariprasad Ji and asked him to raise the voice in our support in legislature. He has responded positively,” Nayak said.
Activists have also decided to form a Horata Samithi for this which would comprise like-minded people and also leaders from all the political parties.

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