COVID-19: Kumta sees increase on Friday

 COVID-19: Kumta sees increase on Friday
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Karwar, July 17: The high number of positive continue in district with 76 cases on Friday. 
Haliyal which used to witness high number of positives in the last few days saw a decrease today. But the number increased in Kumta and Honnavar.  
The total number of positives now stands at 901 of which 322 have been discharged and 569 are under treatment. The total number of deaths in the district is 10. 
Kumta: 22
Honnavar: 19
Bhatkal: 9
Haliyal: 6
Sirsi: 5
Karwar: 5
Ankola: 4
Mundgod: 4
Yellapur: 1
Siddapura: 1

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