Vigilant checkpost officials’ action helps quarantine a COVID positive person

 Vigilant checkpost officials’ action helps quarantine a COVID positive person
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Ratnagiri to Kumta journey goes unchecked

The 26 year old laborer who was returning home from Maharashtra was stopped at Hiregutti Checkpost and sent to quarantine. Test found him COVID positive today.

Karwar: Thanks to the vigilant officials who stopped a laborer from Maharashtra returning to his house in Kumta. He was sent to quarantine and on Wednesday tested positive.

File photo of a checkpost in Uttara Kannada 

A few days ago officials at the Hiregutti Checkpost stopped a tempo carrying fish. They grew suspicious about the 26-year-old person from Kumta in the tempo.

Finding that he was returning home from Maharastra’s Ratnagiri, the officials sent him to institutional quarantine at Kumta. His samples were sent for testing and on Wednesday he tested positive. He is now P-946.

P-946 is the first COVID-19 patient in Kumta. Until now COVID was restricted only to Bhatkal Taluk.

Sources said that he was working with fishermen at Ratnaigir. After all his co fishermen left for home, he decided to return to his house at Kumta.

As there were no vehicles due to lock down, he took a tempo carrying fish. He had entered Karnataka and just few miles from his house when he was stopped by the officials at the Hiregutti checkpost.

Had P-946 reached home, things could have been more complicated. However thanks to the vigilant officials who stopped him before he reached his village and sent him to quarantine.

It is learnt that the reports of others in the same quarantine facility also have come but they all tested negative.

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Meanwhile, a 2-year-old female child (P-929) tested positive in Bhatkal on Wednesday. The child is the contact of P-786. The total number of active cases in Bhatkal has now increased to 30 in Uttara Kannada.

The coastal district of Dakshina Kannada district recorded another positive case.

The 38-year-old female (P-947) of Darandabagilu in Someshwar is the secondary contact of P-507

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