His Facebook page turns into a platform to help needy during LockDown

 His Facebook page turns into a platform to help needy during LockDown
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A facebook post by Mr M G Hegde

Mangaluru, April 07: For many people, social media is a platform to share their photos, speak about themselves, forward messages and also argue and criticize others. But here is the best example of how Facebook can be used as a tool to help the people during the lockdown.

It all began on the third day of LockDown when activist M G Hegde was speaking to his friend. The latter told Mr. Hegde about a few families who did not have a food supply due to lockdown. Both wanted to do something but did not know-how.

“I neither have a vehicle nor a pass to get out. My house is on the outskirts of Mangaluru City. As my childhood buddy- the cold always accompanies me. I don’t want to sneeze and end up scaring people near me when I go out. So I prefer to be at home,” says M G Hegde.

Mr M G Hegde

For Hegde sitting silently inside the house is not easy as he wanted to help the needy.
He asked for some time to think about a solution. He tried to get help through the government helpline. He got two phone numbers at the helpline. But of the two numbers, one was switched off and the other person did not receive the call.

“That was the time when I thought of my Facebook wall. I posted it there and within minutes many came to the aid. Those who were near the place where people wanted help, readily agreed to extend help,” he said.
He did the same when he came to know about a similar problem twice later.

Two days ago an organization wanted some vegetables to prepare food daily.
“I posted this on Facebook and there were people who readily came forward to help. We have many people who need help and many who are ready to help. The only need is to bridge them. I am doing my bit through the social media,” Mr. Hegde told TheCanaraPost.

“Looking at the response from the people I had no words. The government alone cannot do anything. People should join hands with each other and help each other,” he said.

Now Mr. Hegde also uses Facebook to those associations and individuals who have responded to his posts and helped people.

“Life is very simple. The only thing we need to do is help each other. This is the right time to do this,” he added.

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