Door to Door health survey completed in Uttara Kannada

 Door to Door health survey completed in Uttara Kannada
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ASHA worker collected details at a house during the health survey 
Karwar, April 02: 
The door to door health survey initiated by the Uttara Kannada district administration has got some helpful results.
Officials have obtained detailed data of not just the health condition of the people but also the number of people from outside at present residing in Uttara Kannada.
The three-day door to door health survey with the help of ASHA workers was held from March 29. Now the result has reached the tables of the officials.
As per the survey 418 people are suffering from fever (not COVID-19). The survey covered 2,25,152 houses in the district. 
As the district administration has a clear data, it will now help the officials to know whom to concentrate. Officials will now keep a tab on the health condition of those who are suffering from fever and also those who have come from outside. 
The ASHA workers were clearly instructed to enquire about those who had come from other countries, other states, and other districts. 
The total number of people from other states, districts and abroad stood at 27,826. As per the survey, 1005 residents of other countries are at present in Uttara Kannada district. About 4,410 people have come from other states and 22,411 from other districts. 
“Recent Massive health survey result is so encouraging. Only 418 out of 16 lakh have health issues that too not related to COVID-19. This survey has given us an idea about the health condition and about the people who have come from outside the district,” Deputy Commissioner Dr. Harish Kumar told 
“Next week we will have one more survey. That would help us to compare,” he added.

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