Udupi district authorities to help farmers in marketing their products

 Udupi district authorities to help farmers in marketing their products
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Udupi, April 1:

The LockDown has come as an obstacle to the farmers when their products are all set to reach the market.

Despite the huge demand for fruits and vegetables in the urban areas during the lockdown, there is a gap between the growers and purchasers resulting in skyrocketing of the price. The main reason is due to the restrictions on transportation.

According to an estimate, about 1,000 metric tons of Watermelon and 9,732 metric tons of pineapple are awaiting to be marketed in Udupi district.

These growers are unable to send their products to the market due to the Lockdown.

The growers are worried as the Lockdown would last for 14 more days and their products could perish if they are not transported on time.

Realizing their concern, Udupi District Deputy Commissioner G Jagadeesh held a meeting with the officials on Wednesday issued passes to seven vehicles to transport these products within the district and also outside.

Steps have been taken to transport 6 tons of Mattu Gulla (the GI tagged Brinjal) to Udupi and DK district, 82 tons of watermelons to Mangaluru, Uttara Kannada and Dharwad district.

About 13 tons of pineapple would be transported to Shivamogga, Belthangady and 20 tons of banana to Uttara Kannada and Belthangady. About 10 tons of Papaya would be transported to Uttara Kannada district.

Also, a meeting of fruit wholesalers functioning under the Udupi Agri Products Market Committee (AMPC) and Fruit Wholesale dealers was held.

The DC has also stated that farmers are exempted from the Lockdown order to supply their horticultural products such as fruits and vegetables.

Wholesalers are allowed to buy and sell products grown by district horticultural growers.

Wholesalers are required to provide masks and sanitizers for the laborers and compulsory ensure social distancing. 

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