ePass introduced in Dakshina Kannada for essential services

 ePass introduced in Dakshina Kannada for essential services
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Mangaluru, March 29: 

Though it is a complete lockdown in the country, the supply chain has to continue uninterrupted. 

When citizens are in their house, the government has the responsibility of providing the basic needs of people like vegetables, fruits, milk, grocery, and medical supplies. 

To ensure that the supply chain is unaffected the Dakshina Kannada district administration has come out with a people-friendly system of providing pass to those who run these supply chains. Care has been taken to ensure social distancing while providing the pass.

Instead of asking everybody to come to the office manually to apply and to get the pass, the e-pass facility has been started.

Any person or organization who wants a pass should apply by clicking 
The applicant has to fill the details like- 
Individual or Organisation
Name of the Business
Type or Nature of Business
Name of Business Contact person
Business Phone Number, Business Address and jurisdiction (Mangaluru or Puttur Sub Division).
The applicant should also mention if the pass is needed for a specific area. If it is needed to travel between two places then the two places also have to be mentioned.

The Company authorization letter or ID has to be attached with the application.

“This is the most convenient method for people to apply for the pass. As soon as they apply it would come to us directly. In the Mangaluru subdivision, the applications would come to me and those related to Puttur would go to Puttur AC. We will scrutinize the application thoroughly and issue passes only to those persons who really need it,” Mangaluru AC Mr. Madan Mohan said.

The applicant will receive the e-pass on his mobile which he can show if anybody asks. 

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