Coast Guard Dornier Aircraft to strengthen surveillance in Karnataka coast

 Coast Guard Dornier Aircraft to strengthen surveillance in Karnataka coast
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Mangaluru: To boost the Coast Guard’s (CG) surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities on the country’s west coast in Karnataka State, CG Dornier 761 was made to undertake operational sorties for surveillance of coast of Karnataka and seawards up to 200 nautical miles from March 13 to 16.

A press statement by the Coast Guard District Karnataka stated that the Air Enclave at New Mangalore would improve the CG’s performance in its surveillance and reconnaissance roles off the coastal areas of Karnataka, Kerala and Lakshadweep Islands including uninhabited islands.

“The Squadron will operate the indigenous HAL built Maritime Surveillance version multi-role Dornier 228 Short Range Maritime reconnaissance aircraft from New Mangalore Airport. The Dornier aircraft is fitted with ‘state-of-the-art’ sensors and equipment which include Advanced Surveillance Radar, Electronic Sensors and networking features that would enhance Maritime Domain Awareness of Indian Coast Guard and be a force multiplier during Search and Rescue Operations,” the press statement stated.

The dedicated aerial surveillance from CG Air Enclave New Mangalore would enhance and meet the long-felt need for air surveillance of the EEZ, as well as SAR and Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) humanitarian missions in the state and waters adjoining the coast of Karnataka. It will also ensure prompt air-sea coordinated patrol.

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