KMC Manipal Hosts Workshop on Manipal HOTS: Hands-on Training Sessions – Glaucoma Diagnostics

 KMC Manipal Hosts Workshop on Manipal HOTS: Hands-on Training Sessions – Glaucoma Diagnostics
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Manipal, March 14, 2024: On the occasion of World Glaucoma Week 2024, the Department of Ophthalmology at Kasturba Medical College and Hospital, Manipal, organized an insightful workshop titled ‘Manipal HOTS: Hands-on Training Sessions – Glaucoma Diagnostics’ on March 10th, 2024. The event, inaugurated by Dr. Srinath Kamath, President of Udupi District Ophthalmic Society, aimed at enhancing diagnostic skills among postgraduate students.

The workshop, held in honor of the 125th birth anniversary of the institution’s visionary founder, Dr. TMA Pai, served as a testament to his principles of improving healthcare, education, skill development, and community service. Dr. Yogish Kamath, Head of the Department of Ophthalmology, emphasized the significance of elevating the diagnostic proficiency of postgraduates to ensure timely identification and intervention for blinding diseases like glaucoma. This, he highlighted, contributes not only to reducing the disease burden but also to overall community health.

During the event, Dr. Neetha KIR, Associate Professor, drew attention to the global impact of glaucoma, labeling it as the leading cause of irreversible blindness. She called for collective action, urging everyone to ‘unite for a glaucoma-free world.’ The occasion was graced by the presence of Dr. Vikram Jain, Karnataka Ophthalmic Scientific Committee Chairperson, and Udupi District Ophthalmic Society Secretary, as well as Dr. Lavanya Rao, Consultant at AV Baliga Memorial Hospital.

The workshop attracted over 100 delegates, comprising postgraduates and ophthalmic consultants from Udupi and adjoining districts. The program’s highlight was the OEU alumni rolling trophy intercollegiate postgraduate debate, which received enthusiastic participation from colleges in Udupi, Mangaluru, and Shimoga. This segment added an academic and collaborative element to the event, fostering knowledge exchange among participants.

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