BLR Airport sees steady growth in 2023; Passenger Numbers up by 35%

 BLR Airport sees steady growth in 2023; Passenger Numbers up by 35%
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  • BLR Airport served 37.20 million passengers in CY 2023, 35.3% more than last year
  • The highest passenger number was recorded on April 29, 2023, with 116,688 passengers
  • BLR Cargo processed a total of 422,644 MT of cargo during CY 2023, indicating a 2% increase from previous year

Bengaluru, January 12, 2023: Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru (BLR Airport) has seen a notable growth in passenger numbers in CY 2023. The Airport served a total of 37.2 million passengers, marking a 35.3% increase compared to CY 2022. Additionally, BLR Airport continues to maintain its standing as a reliable hub for handling Perishable (PER) cargo in India for the third consecutive year, emphasising its commitment to seamless cargo operations.

Passenger Milestone:

BLR Airport enjoyed a significant passenger rebound in 2023, welcoming a total of 37.2 million travellers, of which, 32.7 million were domestic passengers and 4.5 million travelled to international destinations. On April 29, 2023, the Airport recorded the highest number of passengers in a single day for CY2023 at 116,688 passengers. This figure exceeded pre-pandemic levels and highlights the airport’s resilience and adaptability.

In 2023, factors such as reduced travel limitations, improved economic conditions, and increased demand for leisure and business travel led to a notable rise in growth numbers. The highest number of air traffic movements (ATMs) was witnessed on March 17, 2023, reaching an impressive 748 ATMs in a single day. It is a notable recovery, considering that the highest ATMs on any single day in CY 2022 was 693. Domestic ATMs last year saw a substantial 22% recovery, while international ATMs showed a 15% increase. These indicators reflect the positive momentum in the aviation sector, demonstrating the gradual return to pre-pandemic level travel patterns.

Connectivity and New Routes:

In September 2023, BLR Airport seamlessly transitioned international operations from T1 to T2, marking a crucial milestone. November witnessed the launch of Lufthansa’s thrice weekly non-stop Bengaluru-Munich flights, providing enhanced connectivity for travellers. October 2023 marked the introduction of Maldivian Airlines, catering to Male with thrice-weekly operations. Furthermore, five new domestic routes were introduced, contributing to the overall capacity growth. AIX (created by the merger of Air India Express and Air Asia India) commenced domestic operations in October 2023, further diversifying the airline portfolio and expanding connectivity for passengers. Top domestic routes in the calendar year 2023 included Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

BLR Airport served 25 international destinations last year, with Dubai, Singapore, and Doha emerging as the top sectors contributing to the international traffic. The airport’s strategic focus on global connectivity continues to position it as a key gateway for travel across South and Central India.

Cargo Growth:

In terms of cargo traffic, BLR Cargo continues to be India’s No.1 hub for handling perishable cargo for the third consecutive year with a tonnage of 53,751 metric tonnes (MT) in FY 2023. BLR Cargo processed a total of 422,644 MT of cargo during CY 2023, indicating a 2% increase from previous year. The domestic sector soared with an impressive 11% growth, highlighting BLR’s strengthening position as a rapidly growing cargo hub in India.

Perishables continued to be a key focus, with coriander exports surging by 67%. The export of mangoes reached a three-year tonnage record, achieving a 124% year-on-year growth. 684 MT of mangoes were exported, facilitated by an 86% increase in the number of pieces shipped. This accomplishment highlights BLR Cargo’s robust cold chain capabilities and dedication to efficient perishable handling.

Strategic Infrastructure Developments:

BLR Cargo’s strategic infrastructure developments in May 2023 welcomed two new Cargo terminal operators: Menzies Aviation Bangalore Pvt Ltd (MABPL) and WFS Bangalore Pvt Ltd (WFSBPL). MABPL provides dedicated facilities for domestic cargo and international cargo processing, while WFSBPL offers specialised cold chain capabilities in addition to international cargo processing. These partnerships are anticipated to enhance efficiency, expand capacity, and sustain cargo growth for the Airport in the coming years. The developments aim to elevate BLR Cargo’s cargo capacities to approximately ~1 million MT by the end of this decade.

July 2023 also marked a significant milestone for BLR Cargo, handling the highest monthly domestic tonnage since the Airport’s opening, totalling 16,507 MT. Additionally, Oman Airlines commenced freighter operations last year, further diversifying and strengthening BLR Cargo’s global connectivity.

Looking Ahead:

Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru aims to maintain its position as one of the leading aviation hubs and the preferred gateway to South and Central India, with a commitment to continuous growth and excellence.

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