Inauguration of Department of Medical Genetics at KMC Manipal

 Inauguration of Department of Medical Genetics at KMC Manipal
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Manipal, June 3, 2023: The Department of Medical Genetics at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, proudly inaugurated its new facility, which will serve as a centre for education, research, and patient care.

Spanning an expansive 12,000 square feet, this cutting-edge establishment epitomizes the department’s unwavering dedication to academic excellence and trailblazing innovations in the field of medical genetics.

At its core, the department offers a range of specialized programs that have garnered high acclaim, including the esteemed DM (Medical Genetics), MSc (Genetic Counselling), and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Notably, the Genetic Counselling MSc curriculum sets an extraordinary precedent in India, fostering collaboration between genetic counsellors, clinical geneticists, and scientists, unlocking new frontiers in the field.

Nestled within the facility is a fully equipped diagnostic laboratory, poised to provide swift and accurate diagnoses. Moreover, it serves as a sanctuary for families grappling with genetic challenges, offering indispensable genetic counselling services that encompass reproductive options and prenatal diagnosis. Backed by partnerships with esteemed clinicians and scientists, the department’s research endeavors leverage cutting-edge techniques in molecular genetics, cell biology, bioinformatics, and perinatal genetics.

Addressing audience comprising students, faculty, and staff, Lt Col Dr. M D Venkatesh, the Vice Chancellor of MAHE, urged them to harness the cutting-edge resources within the facility to drive groundbreaking research, enhance teaching endeavors, and spearhead comprehensive development. Exuding unwavering confidence, he expressed his belief in the department’s ability to steer the university towards unrivaled growth and accomplishment.

Dr. Sharath Rao, the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Health Sciences) of MAHE, acknowledged the department’s humble beginnings at the Central Research Lab while praising its remarkable ascent in research, teaching, and patient care. He emphasized the transformative impact of the new facility, propelling the department towards unprecedented heights of success.

Professor Anju Shukla, Head of the Department of Medical Genetics, expressed her elation at the facility’s grand opening, highlighting its role in fostering an environment of academic brilliance and catalyzing the growth and development of students, collaborative research endeavors among faculty, and the vibrant exchange of knowledge and ideas within the community.

Dr. Padmaraj Hegde, the dean of KMC Manipal, expressed gratitude on this momentous occasion, recognizing the inauguration of the Department of Medical Genetics as a significant milestone in their unwavering pursuit of healthcare and research excellence. He underscored the profound impact of the new facility, empowering faculty and students to transcend boundaries and redefine the landscape of medical genetics.

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